Since 1999 The General Store has been providing festival goers with necessary and essential items needed to survive a day long, weekend long, or week long music festival! 

From our General Camping store, which has every camping necessity one needs. We carry everything from tents, stakes, lanterns, sleeping bags, tarps, air mattresses, camping food- like bread, condiments, chips, & snacks, fanny packs, clothing, toiletries, and so much more!

You can also find us inside the venue with a plethora of items we know you'll need! Like that opened pack of cigarettes they made you throw away at the gate... we carry the top brands in tobacco. Your girlfriend thought it would be a good idea to wear heels? After an hour or two she'll regret that decision, but no stress because we carry Womens sandals & shoes (men's too!) Start your period? we got you girl! Headache, stomach ache, dry-eyes, runny nose? We've got stuff for that too! No matter what you forgot or what you may end up needing, we've got you covered!

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