What happens to crew who doesn’t show up to a shift? 

If you fail to show up to a shift, we will be forced to deactivate your wristband and you will not have entry to the event. 

When can the crew expect to receive a schedule?

Crew can expect to receive schedules around the middle or end of March 2018

What if my friends applied, but not everyone made it? Will there be a waitlist? 

Unfortunately, not everyone makes the crew! No worries, we do have waitlist opportunities and those on the waitlist will be notified.

How do I know if I’m paid or volunteer? 

When you initially apply you've chosen weather you're paid or volunteer. While paid shifts seem the best, you're working the late night hours. Our volunteer positions are our most coveted as you're most likely off by 4/5pm and you're able to enjoy the rest of the show!

Will I be paid in cash? 

Yes, you will be paid on the last day you're scheduled at the end of your shift.

Will I be trained before I start my shift?

Yes. You will work a training shift which averages 3 hours and you'll be paid a flat rate. 

What can crew expect when working the show?

Aside from all the fun stuff, you'll be working in extreme weather conditions! Be sure to stay up to date on weather and pack accordingly. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes! You'll be working on average six to seven hour shifts and it's important you pace yourself and drink lot's of water! You'll also be camping in staff camping- if you're coming solo be sure to communicate in your designated Facebook group, you're not alone! others are looking for people to camp with!

What’s the most common mistake a crew member makes?

Not pacing themselves, wearing the wrong shoes, not drinking enough water, raging the day before. You have to remember you're here to work! Yes, after your shift you're able to frolic around the field and see your favorite performer, but if you go to hard in the paint the night before and you miss your shift or have to leave early- you loose that privilege. Make sure to party responsibly and be accountable! Plus you're more likely to be rehired!

Will the General store be providing camping gear?

No. We will be offering a staff discount, you can ask your manager when you arrive on site. We do offer a few item's such as, air mattresses, sleeping bags, and tent's to those on a first come- first serve basis, but quantities are limited. 

What types of positions can crew expect to be working? 

You can expect work retail type duties, stocking/restocking, cashiering, customer service, etc.

If I’m a volunteer will I be able to receive tips?

Yes. You will pick up your tips on the last day your scheduled at the end of your shift.

What happens when I show up? What do I do?

You'll get instructions to go to an offsite location to pick up wristbands/ credentials, then you'll come to lot 5 and be met by a General Store greeter that will direct you to camping where you will set up, once set up you'll  meet your staffing coordinator, at the main camping store to make sure you're all set for your first shift.


No. While we'd love for you to have the full experience, you're not required to camp if you're local.